Wikijournals Server


Wikijournals-server is a web application, based on Semantic Mediawiki. This application allow collecting articles, publishers, publications and authors in a semantic database. The following functions are available:

  • Saving semantic attributes for articles like persons, companies and locations
  • Searching for articles, publications, publishers and authors by using semantic attributes
  • Basic social network functions for registered users (f.e. user board for sending internal messages)


  • Linux Server (for example Ubuntu 18)
  • Webserver: Apache > 2.0
  • Database: MySQL >= 5.7
  • Scripting Language: PHP >= 7.0
  • Minimum space on server: 100 MB
  • Installed Composer (Dependency Manager for PHP)
  • Installed Git
  • Existing empty Database in MySQL

Pre-Install Tasks

  • Clone wikijournals git repo => git clone

  • Create empty database in MySQL (if not exists)

  • Note the following database parameters for the installation

    • Database name
    • Database user
    • Database user password


Installation per Shell Script

  • Open Terminal

  • Change to the wikijournals code directory (the cloned git repo)

  • execute command tools/ as sudo with the follwing 9 parameters in this order

    • html directory
    • wikijournals directory
    • dbuser
    • dbpass
    • dbserver
    • dbname
    • wikiuser
    • wikipwd
    • wikiname



Please note: The script must be run under a user, who has write access for the web directory on the server.

Manual Installation

Install Mediawiki

  • Download current Mediawiki version from
  • Uncompress the mediawiki archive
  • Upload the uncompressed archive to the web server f.i. /htdocs/wikijournals
  • Ensure access to the web directory including sub-directories for the web user (f.i. www-data)
  • For example per chown command: sudo chown -cR www-data:www-data wikijournals
  • Perform normal mediawiki installation (see

Install Foreground Theme

Install Wikijournals Structure

  • Open terminal
  • Change to wikijournals directory on the web server
  • Change to maintenance directory
  • Copy wikijournalsStructure.xml from the wikijournals_structure directory to the maintenance dir
  • execute php importDump.php < wikijournalsStructure.xml


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